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The Buttress - Brutus (Instrumental)

The ButtressBrutus (Instrumental)

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The Buttress - Brutus (Instrumental)
I've been watching him for my entire life
I hate the air he breathes
His foolish decrees, his words so contrived
And I hate the way the townspeople gather outside
They hang on every breath
Cling to his chest, home to his heart full of pride
The oracle told him to beware the Ides
And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't wishing
For untimely death or demise
Or am I just wishing I could be like you?
That the people would see me, too, as a poet
And not just the muse

Oh it's not true, I don't wish harm upon you
From birth we've been like brothers
Of different mothers
Within the spirit of the same womb
May the gods strike me down if I forsake you
Frater meus, you're beautifully made
And to you I'm forever grateful
I'll never forget that you showed me to make art
And I know the love you showed me
Came from a pure and noble heart
I love you, and if you want, I'll call you king
But why do I lie awake each night thinking
Instead of you, it should be me?

Something wicked this way comes
And as I set to face it, I'm unsure
Should I embrace it, should I run?
What motivates me - hatred? Is it love?
What's more wrong - that I too wish to be great
Or my mother wished she'd had a son?
And even if I can't be the one
Maybe I could at least help make way for him
Until the day that he comes
Maybe my name could also be known
That I helped return good to the people
And restored greatness to Rome

Brutus, Brutus, Brutus, Brutus
Brutus, Brutus, Brutus, Brutus
Brutus, Brutus, Brutus, Brutus
Brutus, Brutus, Brutus, Brutus

My name is Brutus and my name means heavy
So with a heavy heart I'll guide this dagger
Into the heart of my enemy
My whole life, you were a teacher and friend to me
Please know my actions are not motivated only by envy
I too have a destiny
This death will be art
The people will speak of this day from near and afar
This event will be history
And I'll be great too
I don't want what you have
I wanna be you

I always knew I could be the one
Though I feel the endless pain of being
And I am scorched by the sun
Of humble origins and born of the cursed sex
My name is Brutus, but the people will call me Rex